How to Find the Right Landscaper in NJ and Why Hiring One is Important

September 3rd, 2014 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

Whom to hire depends on several factors: your budget, timeline and project’s size and complexity. The ultimate litmus test, though, is how you get along.

Is the person receptive to your ideas, goals and project schedule? Can you communicate with each other?

Start by asking your friends and neighbors for names of good firms, especially if they had a good experience. You can also search online directories compiled by professional organizations and companies.

As you weigh the options, look at portfolios to see if a professional or firm specializes in the kind of project you have in mind. Ask for proof of licenses, certifications and professional affiliations. Get all proposals in writing and make sure you understand the terms and fees.

Homeowners themselves should also prepare prior to finding skilled NJ landscapers. The success of a landscaping project greatly depends on the homeowner’s budget and the size of the yard needing remodeling. Kaiser stressed the importance of constantly collaborating with an equally receptive landscaping contractor. Find a contractor that spends time asking questions on how you would want your space to look and feel like and how you would want it to be used prior to construction. Doing research online and with fellow homeowners who have landscape work done greatly helps too.

Despite today’s preference for DIY work, it is still advisable for homeowners to consult a landscape architect or designer before making any moves. DIY work could lead to poor results, and having their effects repaired could cost a small fortune. It’s better to hire professionals from the beginning so they can get it right the first time.

Getting landscaping work done could involve hiring NJ landscape designers and contractors who would take care of the actual physical work. It’s best to maximize your budget and minimize your worries by getting services from a single landscaping company instead. Some landscaping companies specialize in all aspects of outdoor design (architects and designers) and construction (contractor/s) so you don’t have to worry about getting services done separately.

If you live in Haskell, NJ and are interested in improving your home’s landscape, companies like Scenic Landscaping LLC stand ready to help you.

(Source: How to Hire Landscaping Contractors, HGTV)

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