July – Hydrate your Lawn

July 15th, 2013 | By: Mitchell Knapp | Blog

There is no avoiding it; this has been an oppressively strong heat wave moving through the east coast. July is always considered to be the heart of summer; your yard and garden are at their prime stage of blooming. All the hard work that was done over the spring months has finally paid off. This is the ideal time to be enjoying your backyard, taking in the sights of the beauty around you and spending summer nights with great food and great company.  With this heat factor, being so extreme, your sprinkler systems and watering your lawn are crucial. Plants and flowers need the hydration as much, if not more so, than humans in order to continue to thrive through the summer weeks ago.


July is a wonderful month to appreciate all the colors and beauty of everything in bloom around you. You will see hydrangeas, knock-out roses and daisies all around you. Coneflowers, Stewartias, Spiraea, Tropicals and all your annuals will be blooming throughout the month.  


July can be a tricky month with weather; you can never be sure what kind of curve balls it will throw you. Your yard and garden will be affected differently depending on hot, humid or wet weather. It is also an important time to be on the lookout for pests. Chinch bugs in your yard will cause brown spots. Grubs are beginning their burrowing period, and mites and aphids will be attracted to your plants. Just be sure to check daily for any of these and have your gardens sprayed appropriately. 


Enjoy these summer months and remember to make sure your lawn is hydrated during these hot days!


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